Healer of Hearts

“Assume Only Love”

Badasses, Alchemists and Mystics are living among us! Spirited talk bringing “out there” topics into everyday life. This episode focuses on 5D Ascension and what that means.

Do you have questions about your life purpose? Do you suffer from physical or emotional pain? Looking for connection and deep understanding of your journey here?

Click below to discover how a healing or reading can help bring peace, healing and direction into your life!!

No matter where you find yourself on your spiritual journey, I can help. It is my passion to help those seeking find the answers and healing available to them. Through a variety of modalities and over 17 years of experience, I work with you, your energy body and your higher-self to help facilitate healing, understanding, wisdom and peace. It would be my great honor to work with you and assist you on your journey.

~Joanna Salerno

I have no clue what you did but that bad toe/foot of mine

hasn’t hurt since our session! Coincidence? I think not!!!

Thank you!  Lynn