The word chakra is a Sanskrit word for spinning wheel. We have seven major chakra’s and many minor ones.  Why is it important to have healthy, balanced, and cleared chakras?  For the same reason that you get the oil changed in your car, the tires balanced and aligned and the brakes checked. Think about this for a moment… how often do you change the oil in your car… or have your carpets cleaned in your house… or get your teeth cleaned… have blood work done… or anything else that requires routine maintenance?  There is not one of us that questions the validity of having these things done routinely, and yet even though we know that we are all energy and that energy is all around us, we hesitate or procrastinate when it comes to taking care of our most important asset. That asset is our energy body and when it is depleted or out of balance if affects us in ways that we don’t even realize.  Even though we cannot ‘see’ our chakras they are an important part of our bodies’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our well being depends on our energy body, which includes our chakras, to be active and balanced. Having blocked or distorted chakras affects our immune system, our moods, our thinking processes and how we handle day to day stress.  It is even more important than ever before to take care of ourselves energetically and physically in these changing stressful times.  Make an investment in your energetic health and make an appointment with an energy practitioner today. You deserve it!!