When I was 10 years old we moved into this house with an attic… I remember the first time I decided to go explore up there, the previous owners had left lots of really cool stuff behind for a 10 year old. There was a trunk filled with old clothes that I could play dress up with and a beautiful (to me) room divider that would later serve as a way to separate my bed from my sisters. By far my favorite discovery was the trunk of books… tons and tons of books… not one of them suitable for a 10 year old. Books were my life, a way to escape from the less than ideal family drama and I don’t remember ever not having a book to read. I would go up there often and just look through those books and one at a time would take them downstairs to read. One of those books was ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale. I don’t know why I chose that particular book, I do know that it helped me navigate the rough waters of my childhood in a way that still serves me. Dr. Peale was a genius, the first of many that would follow with the Law of Attraction and The Secret, etc. He wrote about shifting our perceptions, to accept our lives as they were, to be able to see the bigger picture of our lives. Positive thinking is what begins the process of manifestation. Its not some Polly Anna idea that we just put some sugar on stink…of course we have to see the reality.. but after we see and acknowledge our pain, our stuck situations, then what?? Do we give up with the attitude that all is lost? Or do we begin to see the gifts and the light of each situation? My 10 year old self did not understand everything in that book…but I did understand something… I understood that I had the power of my thoughts to change my perception, that I was the creator of my experience. I kept that book with me for years and would go to it, like a very good friend that lifts you up, knowing that there had been real treasure in that attic, the kind that lasts forever.