“I see the many way I create exactly what my life experience is right now.” – Joanna Salerno

Its always a mind blowing concept that I am the creator of my life…Really??? Then why do I create experiences that I don’t want to have? Now there’s a question… however, when I allow myself to get out the victim mentality mindset, I see the many ways that I create exactly what my life experience is right now.  For me it doesn’t happen in a flash, like lightening… (well not often) it happens with a slow simmer (like stew)…gather the ingredients, prepare them, put them in a pot, simmer and what do you have?… If you are fearful, anxious, worried,and filled with doubt then the stew will reflect that, and conversely , if you are filled with Love, hope, peace, serenity, and secure in the knowing that everything will work out fine, then your stew turns out very differently. In each moment we have the opportunity to choose which mindset we will create our life with. I’m not saying that it is easy, but it is a choice, and just like the stew it can take some time to see how it will turn out. And it always turns out, it may not taste like you thought, maybe there is a surprise or two, and just maybe it turns out better than you even hoped, but you always know that you made it. And with all the right ingredients it will be so delicious you will want to share it and make it again and again.