We are stepping into a new paradigm that is known as 5D… going from a 3rd dimensional reality to a 5th dimensional reality… and what in the heck does that mean??? The short answer is that we are shifting into more of a oneness reality….  a longer and more descriptive way of framing what is happening is that the  human race consciousness is being elevated and the frequency of the planet is increasing, we are letting go of a patriarchy that has caused disruption and wars, exclusivity and division into a feminine, heart opening inclusivity and equality for all.

Some people are reporting that they have experienced a discernable shift in consciousness, for many timelines are merging, and for others they feel unmoored in the 3rd dimensional reality, they complain of physical ailments like headaches, dizziness, an inability to relate to their jobs, their families and even feel called to change what they eat. Some call this the ‘ascension flu’ and it can be quite disconcerting.

You may be asking how long will this be going on…no one really knows the answer to that… my guides and teachers in the Akashic records tell me at least 2 more decades, as it depends on how well the population of earth can embrace these new energies.

Which is why I have come up with some tools to help you through this time of change that I call Practical Ascension.

So in no particular order:

* Stay grounded– get outside and walk on the earth, hug a tree, eat root vegetables, carry grounding crystals like hematite,obsidian, or smoky quartz.

*Drink water

*Take salt baths


* Get Bodywork: Massage, Craniosacral,  Sound Healing, Chakra Balance, etc.

*Forgive yourself and others

*Learn compassion

*Heart and Third Eye opening work

*Stop consuming goods that you do not need

*Be more present

*Breathe mindfully

*Travel to other countries if you can

*Let go of all that is no longer serving, lightening your load really helps with your energy levels.

* Sit in Silence for at least 15 minutes a day.

* Put down your devices

*Deal with your stress once and for all

* Open up a dialog with your angels and guides, they really really want to help us.

*Be grateful- we are living in very exciting times, it is not easy and sometimes it can be downright uncomfortable, but remember always that you agreed to be here at this time so embrace it and move in tandem with these energies because being in resistance just makes it more challenging.

From my heart to yours~ Joanna