Joanna Salerno:

Spiritual Guide | Energy Healer | Teacher | LMT

Joanna Salerno began as a Spiritual Director after being trained at St. Thomas University. From there she led women’s growth groups, grief groups and healing prayer groups in the Ft. Lauderdale area eventually becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2004. As she progressed in her own personal journey, she became interested in and studied energy and esoteric healing modalities, traveling all over the United States to attend trainings, classes and seminars. Working with renowned teachers, healers and shamans to deepen her own understanding of powerful healing modalities, Joanna brought a wealth of knowledge into practice with her clients.

With over 17 years experience of empowering, healing and guiding her clients, Joanna devotes her heart and soul to providing a space of healing without judgement or condemnation, but instead creates a space of pure love and light allowing her clients to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Her own journey through both light and dark moments have allowed her to emerge as a well rounded facilitator, teacher and healer. Developing a keen sense of awareness of Source through her own Spiritual quest, she comes along side her clients and helps them find the light, healing and power within so they may root, expand and grow in their own journey. Through this process, it is Joanna’s profound privilege to work with her clients in such a deep authentic loving way.

Joanna’s Journey:

Many years ago I was given the spiritual name of ‘Healer Of Hearts‘. At the time I had no idea who I really was or what I was here to do. I knew I was a wife, mother, daughter and sister. Other than that, a bigger plan had not been revealed to me…yet.

Life events, some wonderful…some tragic, moved me forward to seek the answers to life’s bigger questions. My spiritual path unfolded organically through many experiences and I was first led to Spiritual Direction.  I attended a 3 year program at St. Thomas University and began to lead retreats and women’s circles.

Then I was introduced to Healing Touch International where I completed all levels of the program.

I attended massage school so that I could practice my healing work legally in the state of Florida where I still reside. It was in massage school that I learned the importance of the body in our spiritual path. After all, it does the work we are meant to do on this planet.

I was called to study Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release and Heart Centered Therapy. I went on to create my own special brand of bodywork, incorporating all of the tools I had learned.

However, Spirit always has more, and I was introduced to a wonderful Inuit Shaman who I call ‘Uncle‘ who I studied shamanic healing with for two years. What followed was many sweats, traveling numerous medicine wheel journeys, and learning sound therapy.

What I developed from all my studies and experiences is a diverse private practice where I am able to utilize all my gifts, talents and tools to truly step into the name Healer of Hearts.

My clients come to me with all their wounds, both physical, emotional and spiritual, and together we work on healing what needs to be healed so that real freedom in body, mind and spirit can be achieved.

An Akashic Record consultation is the cherry on top. Clarity of purpose, straightforward answers and past life questions can all be answered to help get my clients to that place of Higher mind, higher heart, and really help to solidify the path they are here to walk.  

Ultimately, I am here to serve you! Not to heal or fix you, but to give you all the tools you will need to heal yourself, your family and your ancestral lineage.