If you would like to host your own Akashic Record Gallery reading for family and friends, either in person or on zoom,

email Joanna for more details and scheduling.

Other available workshops include …

  • Advanced Vibrational Healing for Health and Wellness

  • Manifesting with Spreads; Taking your Oracle cards to the next level.

If you would like more information or to schedule any of the above workshops email Joanna here.

As a Spiritual Director and Teacher Joanna offers several types of classes and galleries, both in person and via Zoom.  If you would like to host a gallery or class please email Joanna for details and scheduling.

Joanna Salerno is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral therapist, Spiritual Director and teacher and has been using vibrational therapies in private practice for 10 years. She has certified over a hundred people in in tuning fork therapy.

Joanna’s email address:

 Akashic Record Gallery:

Each person in attendance will provide their questions to Joanna anonymously. Joanna will open the gallery with a guided meditation and pathway prayer.

During the gallery the Masters and Teachers will answer every question with practical and gentle suggestions. They will never tell you what to do or use judgmental, critical language. They will connect you to your higher self so that more clarity is offered for your journey.

Often times these galleries will bring true healing to the individual(s) as they realize that they are never alone.

It is a beautiful event sure to enlighten and expand your soul.

Book your Akashic Record Gallery! email Joanna  for details and scheduling. Galleries may be held online via Zoom or In Person.

Advanced Vibration Therapies for Health and Wellness

Learn to heal yourself and others with sound and vibration. During this class students will learn how to shift and release energetic blocks and how to balance and align energies using vibration tools such as Tuning Forks, Drums, Rattles, Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Bells, and essential oils.

Upon completion of this class each student will receive a certificate of completion.

This is a two day class offering CEUs for LMTs. Price of class includes all materials.

This journey will allows you to tap into the subtle energies of the Universe that are all around us.

Book your class – email Joanna   for details and scheduling.

For the aspiring Energy Practitioner 

Sacred Healing Therapy empowers healers to empower others to heal. With an open compassionate heart we are led to guide in the spiritual development and confidence building of skills and knowledge that will enable healers to step into their true chosen path so that they may be of grace filled service to all that they meet on the journey. Most of us are not gently called into the life of a healer, for some of us it comes quite by accident, others are pushed into this higher form of service and some of us have an internal knowing that begins the moment we are born. However you came to be interested in Healing know this… YOU have done this before and it is why you are here!!! It is the very way you will begin to heal yourself first and foremost.

We begin Level one at the beginning… some of the lessons you will already know…here we are all beginners… whether this is your first class or your 100th… it is a new present moment and everything will be as if you heard for the 1st time. 

This is a one day class intended for those wishing to step into their ‘healer’ role. Students will learn about setting personal boundaries while dealing with clients, how to protect their energy and professional business practices for running a metaphysical energy healing business.

Price of class includes all materials.

Book your class – email Joanna  for details and scheduling.