Seeking answers to life’s fundamental questions? Looking to know more about your purpose, passion and life path? An Akashic record reading is a pivotal way to gain insight and clarity for your soul’s journey.

The Akashic records are said to house an imprint of the soul’s journey through all time and space. The wealth of information contained therein can illuminate this current lifetime, bringing to light information in a loving way to help discover your true calling. It is the story of your Soul, bringing wisdom and direction to your present path in the context of the entire journey of your soul.

The term Akasha comes from the 5000 year old Sanskrit language that means ‘hidden library’. The Akashic records are said to have existed before the beginning of time and have been referred to in every known spiritual tradition. They have been known as the “Book of Life”, the “Book of Knowledge” and Edgar Cayce called them the “Hall of Records”. They are accessed, with your permission, by using a Sacred Prayer that is programmed with keys and codes and by the frequencies of Love and Light.

An Akashic Record reading with Joanna usually last anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours in person or via phone. You will be asked to prepare a head of time with a list of questions for which you are seeking answers. As Joanna accesses your records, messages and information for your highest good are available for discovery. In a loving and sacred environment, Joanna will act as an intermediary, relaying the information that is most poignant for your current life’s path. The readings are done in a an environment of pure love and acceptance, so there is no question that cannot be asked and all answers given are for your highest good.

 An Akashic Record Reading will help to create:

  •       Clarity for your present path
  •       Lift the veil of past events that impact your future
  •       Bring a sense of renewed purpose
  •       Create the space for self-healing and realization
  •       A loving environment helping you create the life you want


A Spiritual Director is a soul friend that offers a welcoming space to share your life’s  story. It is for anyone seeking a greater understanding of themselves in relationship to God/ higher selves.

As your spiritual director, Joanna will walk with you on the path to your interior soul and help you hear your deepest heart, helping you listen and discern the voice of your inner guidance.

It is a process  of listening and discernment of the Whole being and offers the opportunity to find connectedness, unity, and alignment with Divine Will.

As you enter into the sacredness of such a union with Joanna, you will experience real joy, genuine peace, and greater fulfillment in everyday life. This  is a journey that can be walked individually or within a group.

Once you complete your order Joanna will contact you to arrange a date & time for your session. If you have not heard from Joanna within 48 hours you may email her at

Sessions are $100.00 per hour for spiritual direction.


Heart Centered Therapy is a dialoguing technique that embodies profound insight into the Psychology of the Human Heart. The vision and perspective of the Heart has redefined our approach to healing. The Heart instinctively addresses everyone with equal regard, and with unconditional love.

HCT is a loving approach to spiritual-emotional healing that entrusts the voice of the Heart to guide one’s personal process to wholeness. Masterful dialogue techniques safely identify and transform unresolved emotion in the body, as well as related emotional dissociation and spiritual disconnection. 

The healing includes not only the individual, but also everyone that has been involved in the trauma, embracing the immediate family, the family lineage, and the collective consciousness. HCT achieves reintegration and healing through a gentle, respectful process with the reliving the trauma. Personal issues and conflicts come to resolution through love, acceptance and transformation of the whole being.

  • No less than 4 sessions.  With 6-8 sessions recommended to be able to heal from ancestral and family wounding
  • $150 per Session  OR  $480.00 for 4 sessions when paid in advance!
  • Sessions can be done by phone, online video, or In Person

Once you complete your order Joanna will contact you to arrange a date & time for your session.  If you have not heard from Joanna within 48 hours you may email her at