Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapies


Sessions are $125/hr.
Services available in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas.
Once you complete your order Joanna will contact you to arrange a date & time for your session.
If you have not heard from Joanna within 48 hours you may email her at


What is a Vibrational Body Tune-Up?
A Vibrational Body Tune-Up awakens the etheric, cellular, and energetic centers of the body by using touch, sound, and crystal healing techniques. It stimulates the body and creates a space of self healing. It allows the emotional body to let go and release what is blocking and holding back a person’s well being.  It acts as a physical meditation for the body as it relaxes into its optimum frequency and vibration.

Body wellness is measured in Hertz. A Hertz of 62-68 is considered optimum, when our Hertz is below that frequency our immune system and our life force is compromised. It is extremely important for our health to keep our frequency at the level of wellness.  The ways that we do this is eating as much live foods as possible, using essential oils, crystal and flower essences, having a consistent spiritual practice such as meditation, journaling, grounding in nature, exercise, energy work and regular body tune-ups.

The VBTU consists of tuning forks, crystal bowls, drums, bells, rattles, crystals and touch. All of these or just some of these tools are used in a session according to what the body is asking for and desiring.

An assessment is done at the beginning of the session using Cranio-sacral Therapy techniques among other assessment tools.

Benefits of VBTU:

  • Balances, activates and clears Chakras
  • Moves stuck energies, while increasing the body’s frequencies
  • Increases Blood flow and brings oxygen to the cells
  • Release of stress, anxiety and negative emotions
  • Altered states enabling one to connect with Higher Guidance
  • Prevention of illness and disease

Clients who have received this work have reported feelings of total relaxation, enhanced connection to source and a sense of well being.

~Individual sessions of tuning forks, crystal healing and sound healing are available as well.